Is your PowerMTA, Momentum, or other commercial MTA trapping you into increasing spend year over year?

Free Yourself from the On-Premise MTA Commercial License Trap!

You don't have to risk your critical on-premise email infrastructure with increasingly strict license terms and constantly rising license fees and you don't have to compromise on performance and features. 

KumoMTA is a new Open-Source On-Premise MTA that is fast, flexible, and free. Our platform can send millions of messages per hour across thousands of IPs without trapping you in a restrictive commercial license agreement.

On-Premise Email Infrastructure is Mission Critical

Your business depends on your On-Premise MTA to operate, don't put your it at risk by being beholden to a vendor that can shut your platform down through remote licensing.

Your commercial MTA vendor can shut your critical email infrastructure down at a moment's notice, even by accident!
Prices that increase year over year, new license models that are more restrictive, it all wears you down.

KumoMTA Frees You From the License Treadmill

Our Open-Source license model means you can depend on KumoMTA as your On-Premise MTA without risk because there's no license file, no license fees, and no contract to renew annually to keep it working.

No License Fees, No Compromises

KumoMTA is not only free to use, it's also a better solution! 


Better Performance

KumoMTA can process several million messages per hour on standard hardware both on-prem and in your private cloud.

More Flexible

KumoMTA has a built-in policy engine that allows for custom message routing, dynamic configuration, and deep integration with your backend systems.

Modern Architecture

Inject messages and manage your server over APIs, route event data over webhooks or AMQP, and scale with HAPROXY and SOCKS 5 Proxies.