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KumoMTA is architected for the performance needed by enterprise senders, whether it's sending several million messages per hour through a single server, or scaling horizontally using Docker and Kubernetes.


KumoMTA can replace straightforward configurations or be deeply integrated into your MailOps environment thanks to our Lua scripting engine and support for technologies including webhooks, AMQP, Kafka, Vault, Prometheus, Grafana, and direct database access.


KumoMTA is released under the Apache 2 OSI-approved license, with the ultimate transparency of having our sourcecode hosted on Github. Our community is actively involved and contributing to make KumoMTA better every day.

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Ben Dyer

"We’ve known Kumo’s founders and worked with them for many years, That personal connection was critical.

The fact they’re involved was enough to get us over the line to becoming a customer."

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Ongage is an email marketing platform that helps your business to personalize engagements and drive conversions through data.
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Postmastery is a leader in email deliverability and infrastructure management. They offer professional tools for email delivery and monitoring, enabling legitimate email senders to optimize their infrastructure and practices for email marketing and transactional email applications.
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Edgeneering LLC is a Web Development and technology company specializing in software & database development, high security data center hosting, and Open-Source consulting services.

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