Modern Deployment

New builds for Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, and Docker with every commit, with easy integration management, and because it's Open-Source, you can build it for your own architecture with ease.

Safe Performance

KumoMTA is not only capable of relaying millions of messages per hour, it does so without the risk that comes with deferred spooling. The speed you need, without the risk of data loss.

Cloud Friendly

With flexible deployment options, support for containers, clustered throttles, HAProxy and SOCK5 proxies, KumoMTA was built for those wanting to own their cloud infrastructure.

Campaign/Tenant Aware

KumoMTA is natively aware of both campaigns and tenants, queueing them separately and enabling granular configuration and reporting. Tenants and IPs are de-coupled, allowing for finer control.

Native MX Rollup

Say goodbye to fractured configurations and out of date domain mapping tables, KumoMTA automatically identifies MX groups and queues messages together for common throttling and delivery.

Modern Integration

Your MTA no longer needs to be a black box, KumoMTA supports API injection/management, webhooks, AMQP, secure keystores, and data-source based configuration.

Complete Control

KumoMTA is designed around the belief that the user should have control of all decisions, with very little assumption out of the box. Use our standards-based Lua scripting engine to make it your own.

MultiChannel Capable

KumoMTA not only supports IP pooling natively, it's also built around channel extensibility, with support for HTTP and AMQP delivery of messages already available.

Automated Traffic Shaping

Let your Deliverability Copilot take care of the repetitive tasks. Adjust throttles, pause and resume traffic, and automate IP warmup thanks to our Lua-first configuration and automation design.