KumoMTA is the Open-Source PowerMTA Alternative you've been searching for!

The Leading PowerMTA Replacement


KumoMTA is architected for the performance needed by enterprise senders, whether it's sending several million messages per hour through a single server, or scaling horizontally using Docker and Kubernetes.


KumoMTA can replace straightforward configurations or be deeply integrated into your MailOps environment thanks to our Lua scripting engine and support for technologies including webhooks, AMQP, Kafka, Vault, Prometheus, Grafana, and direct database access.


KumoMTA is released under the Apache 2 OSI-approved license, with the ultimate transparency of having our sourcecode hosted on Github. Our community is actively involved and contributing to make KumoMTA better every day.


Stop Waiting on PowerMTA

Do you find yourself paying year over year while wondering what you're even paying for? Are you tired of seeing nothing but roadmaps and wondering when you're see releases? Do you wonder who's even around to answer your support questions?

KumoMTA is the PowerMTA alternative you've been waiting for. Not only is is faster, more flexible, and better supported, it comes with a free Open-Source license, meaning you're not trapped paying year after year!

Our Blog

See how easy it is to migrate from PowerMTA to KumoMTA

Check out our blog on how to migrate your existing PowerMTA configuration to KumoMTA.


The Low-Risk PowerMTA Replacement

Your business depends on email to operate, don't put your email infrastructure at risk by being beholden to a vendor that can shut your platform down through remote licensing. KumoMTA is yours to keep, with no license files, no phone-home, no annual fees.

Cloud-Friendly Open-Source

Tired of asking for your PowerMTA server to be supported in the cloud, only to be pushed on hosted SaaS and cloud analytics?

KumoMTA is the PowerMTA alternative that was designed from the beginning to ease your migration to the cloud, on your servers, not a hosted service model (Kumo is Japanese for cloud)


Get More Power in Your MTA

Ready to increase the performance, capability, and reliability of your PowerMTA infrastructure? Let's Talk!

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