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Open Source Email Server Support

Peace of Mind

Email is the heart your business, and we're here to ensure your mission-critical infrastructure has the support it needs 24/7.

Our support plans have flexibility built-in so that you can deploy as many or as few servers as you need across multiple regions without additional costs.

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Community Support

Our community is available online to help you learn and use KumoMTA!

Silver Support

  • Business Hours (0900-1700 US Eastern) Live Support.
  • Email, Portal Support.
  • Access to shared Discord support channel.
    Support for standard configurations using our policy helpers.

Gold Support

  • Extended Hours (0800-1900 US Eastern) Live Support.
  • 24/7 SEV 1 Support SLA.
  • Email, Chat, Portal, Phone Support.
  • Dedicated Discord or Slack Connect channel for support.
  • Support for any user policy scripts and configuration.