High Volume Email on Microsoft?

  • February 9, 2024

If you are a Microsoft fan and want all your tech to be Microsoft branded, you likely have felt a little disappointed when it comes to the area of high-volume email.  Let's face it, that is not the sweet spot for MS Exchange.  Lucky for you, the KumoMTA team has a solution to fit your needs.

KumoMTA was written to operate in almost any Linux distribution and to run on almost any Cloud service. The "Kumo" in KumoMTA is Japanese for "cloud" so it was important for us to design for deployment in public and private cloud.  The first place we tested that theory was in Microsoft's Azure cloud service. In fact, most of the performance testing and experiments we blogged about in the early days were all in MS Azure cloud. 

Early on in development, we were challenged to show installation on a wide range of Linux distributions.  After RHEL, Rocky, and Ubuntu, I just had to try WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), and of course, it worked just fine.  But that is really just Ubuntu in a Windows wrapper, and frankly, it was not built for production loads. A little investigative work soon uncovered an actual Windows Linux release called CBL-Mariner, which I immediately acquired and tested.  Guess what?  It works like a dream. Even more convenient is that CBL-Mariner is available on Azure for a quick deployment option..

Sourcing KumoMTA also has a Microsoft slant.  As an open-source deployment, the repo, documentation and other materials are all backed by GitHub, a Microsoft property.  Once you have CBL-Mariner deployed in Azure, you can clone KumoMTA from GitHub, and you are ready for business. 

       Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.47.20 PMScreenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.48.04 PMScreenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.48.27 PM

So, while KumoMTA itself is not a Microsoft product, this is as close as you can get to a high-volume email delivery system in a Microsoft environment. Let us help you get it installed.