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Moving Beyond IP Reputation

NOTE: This post was originally written for Spam Resource, the initial publication can be seen at...

Setting the Record Straight

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Using LetsEncrypt with KumoMTA

Handling email over TLS-encrypted connections has become the default, and KumoMTA supports TLS for all messages in and...

KumoMTA is More Than Just Open-Source

tl,dr: KumoMTA is not just Open-Source, it's also the best MTA on the planet for large-scale senders.

Happy Birthday KumoMTA!

It was one year ago that KumoMTA was officially born, with Wez making the first commit to the main repo (see it here)!

High Volume Email on Microsoft?

If you are a Microsoft fan and want all your tech to be Microsoft branded, you likely have felt a little disappointed...

AboutMyEmail Testing Tool

MailOps engineers have a lot on their plates. If it's not a firewall thing, its a server thing, or a DNS thing, or a...

A (really) quick KumoMTA install

As a mailops engineer, there are many times when you may want to spin up a quick install of your MTA to test a theory,...

Moving From Momentum

There are only a handful of email MTA engines capable of operating at the speeds KumoMTA does. One that was popular in...

Community Roundtable - Analytics

Our next Community Roundtable session is coming next week on Wednesday, January 24, at noon Eastern time.