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Moving Beyond IP Reputation

NOTE: This post was originally written for Spam Resource, the initial publication can be seen at...

Setting the Record Straight

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

KumoMTA is More Than Just Open-Source

tl,dr: KumoMTA is not just Open-Source, it's also the best MTA on the planet for large-scale senders.

Happy Birthday KumoMTA!

It was one year ago that KumoMTA was officially born, with Wez making the first commit to the main repo (see it here)!

Community Roundtable - Analytics

Our next Community Roundtable session is coming next week on Wednesday, January 24, at noon Eastern time.

A New Release for the New Year

Today we are tagging our first release of the new year, ironically designated as version 2023-12-28. Our tags are based...

Defending Against SMTP Smuggling with KumoMTA

What is SMTP Smuggling? On September 18th there was a new exploit published regarding SMTP Smuggling, which you can...

Come See Us on the Future of Email Podcast

Two of our founder, Mike and Tom, recently had to opportunity to be guests on The Future of Email podcast hosted by...

Announcing the KumoMTA Fall Release

Today we are tagging our fall release, version 2023-11-28. You can Read The Changelog to get all the details, including...

Join Our First Community Roundtable

One of our goals when we created KumoMTA was to create a community for MailOps professionals, a group that has been...