A New Release for the New Year

  • January 3, 2024

Today we are tagging our first release of the new year, ironically designated as version 2023-12-28. Our tags are based on the last edits made to our repository before tagging, so while this release is coming today, it has a date from last week (year). You can Read The Changelog to get all the details, including various tweaks and fixes, but I wanted to share a few highlights:

  • Bounce Classification: When writing your own bounce classification rules, you are no longer required to stick to our pre-defined categories. Instead you can now create your own classification labels by using them in your rules.
  • Header Logging: While we've supported logging header information from day one, you can now use a wildcard when defining what headers to log. This makes it possible to configure something like X-*
  •  to log all X headers.

MTA-STS Fix: We had several users encounter issues when MTA-STS was enabled when trying to connect to certain domains, this is now resolved.

We look forward to hearing from you about your testing of this new release and what you'd like to see in our next release!