Taguchi Marketing Adopts KumoMTA

  • October 16, 2023

We were delighted to hook up with Dean Maidment and Ben Dyer from Taguchi Marketing last month for a lively discussion regarding how and why they’re transitioning onto the KumoMTA platform. Taguchi has a well-deserved reputation as the developer of one of the industry’s most advanced and innovative digital marketing platforms. Global retailers, consumer brands, and hospitality brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Miele, and Accor Hotels chose to work with Taguchi because they know they’ll get maximum engagement and results running their messaging campaigns with the Australian agency.

Like many email service providers, Taguchi has had something of a complex relationship with their legacy on-premises MTA vendor. With all the consolidation and M&A activity in recent years, they found themselves first being pressured to adopt the vendor’s new cloud service, and then after the vendor went through an acquisition, finding that the new owners were no longer providing the kind of top-level support that Taguchi relied upon.

Given this uncertainty, the Taguchi team was open to making a change, and they deployed an initial instance of KumoMTA in mid-2023. A new kind of open-source MTA, Kumo has already shown its worth. Maidment and Dyer found the implementation was quick and easy, and while the company’s systems will likely remain in a transitional phase for some time, it is expected that the software will significantly improve its capabilities in the years to come. Go ahead and download a copy of the full case study and get the whole story on why KumoMTA makes so much sense for high-volume ESPs like Taguchi.